Baggage operations

We aim to make it as crystal clear as possible when you need more information on baggage operations. Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and their answers. 

Baggage operations

Baggage operations

Your baggage will be taken from you at the airport when you check in. Should you have chosen the convenience of On-line check in you can use our bag drop that is open for the duration of normal check in.

Checked baggage is luggage that goes in the cargo hold under the plane during the flight.

Corendon Airlines cannot be held responsible for any damage, delay or loss of fragile, perishable or items of value such as Jewellery, documents, electronics or precious metals.

For peace of mind, we recommend taking out insurance to cover your baggage for loss, delay or damage.

Please contact the airport you are travelling from who may be able to assist.

This will all depend on the circumstance of why your booking was cancelled. If Corendon Airlines cancels for any unforeseen circumstance then a refund of your ticket fare including any extra baggage added will be issued.

If a regular ticket is cancelled at the request of the passenger, any additional service purchased is non-refundable. If you wish to cancel an open ticket, different conditions may apply. So, please click here for detailed information about Classic Open Ticket and Covid Positive Open Ticket rules.

Please note should you have booked through a third-party agency all and any refunds will be managed through your tour operator or travel agent.

Baggage weights

Each passenger over the age of two may only carry one carry-on bag (cabin baggage) at a time (Eco, Flex, Premium). The hand luggage must not weigh more than 8 kg and must not exceed the dimensions 55x40x25cm. (In the PROMO ticket type, only handbags/personal items (max. 40x30x15 dimensions and can be placed under the seat) are free of charge. View fare details.)

Parents of babies under the age of two are allowed to carry a diaper bag with nappies and baby food sufficient for the duration of the flight.

A musical instrument not exceeding 100cm in length may be taken on board instead of hand luggage.

Apart from hand luggage, we accept a handbag, a document bag, a camera bag or a laptop bag.

Except for hand baggage the total weight of your hold baggage will depend on the ticket fare you have purchased and the destination you are travelling to.

Details can be found at:

Children over 2 years old have the same hold luggage allowance as adults depending on the ticket fare booked.

Infants are entitled to 10kg of baggage allowance on all flights.

Babies are not entitled to hand luggage allowance; however, one bag is accepted on the plane provided that it contains diapers and food for babies and does not exceed the maximum dimensions of hand luggage. You are allowed to take into the cabin, each of which cannot exceed 100ml a total of 10 containers (bottle/baby bottle) of ready-made food. Our cabin crew is on hand to provide you with hot water.

You are able to take on board free of charge 1 pushchair per baby (including a twin pushchair in case of twins) or a car seat or baby carriage. Due to cabin safety rules these items must be stored in the hold. However, you can take your pushchair or car seat to the door of the aircraft.

Should you wish to take a second pushchair or baby seat or a travel cot with you the weight of this will be deducted from the total baggage allowance of the adults on the booking.

Passengers with FLEX tickets can only check in 1 piece of baggage (23kg) free of charge and passengers with PREMIUM can only check in 2 pieces of baggage (20kg per piece). Splitting up the weight is not possible.

Prohibited items

As per the regulations, it is forbidden, with some exceptions, for passengers to put items into the airplane which fall within the scope of the dangerous goods category, as it poses a risk to flight safety.

Substances falling into the dangerous substance category are: Explosives, gases, flammable substances, oxidizers and organic peroxides, corrosives, infectious and toxic substances, radioactive materials and lithium batteries, other dangerous substances such as environmentally hazardous and magnetic substances.

Hazardous substances specified in the table below can be carried along with the passenger within certain rules.

Other restrictions arising due to national and international regulations (such as liquid and customs restrictions) should also be taken into account, except for the following conditions. For details, please use contact form.

Your baggage can be opened by the authorities for security reasons. Corendon Airlines shall not be liable for any damage that may occur if it is locked.

For more information: Dangerous goods table

Precious items should not be placed in the hold of the aircraft.  Any precious items should be sent via a cargo service.  Please note should you choose to place any precious items into your hold luggage Corendon Airlines cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage items.

Details can be found at:

Additional fees will be applied to all non-standard and unlabelled hand baggage that are detected at the boarding gate of the flight.

Due to Covid 19 measures on our flights: for all fares, cabin baggage is limited to 1 piece of hand luggage (max.55x40x25 cm) and 1 piece of personal equipment (small hand bag /baby bag, briefcases or laptop) (max.40x30x15 cm). Items such as musical instruments, camera, jewellery and diplomatic courier files will be accepted in the cabin.

In case the baggage allowance is exceeded, the additional baggage fee will be requested at airport. We recommend that you purchase additional baggage allowance in advance.

For more information: Dangerous goods table

Yes, you can carry liquid in your hand luggage provided you comply with the regulations. 

  • Liquids can only be carried in a container no larger than 100ml.
  • All liquid containers must be stored in a transparent plastic bag.
  • The bag must be able to zip shut and cannot exceed 20 x 20 cm.
  • All liquids must be presented at the security checkpoint at the airport.
  • You can bring a maximum of 10 containers of 100ml.
  • Prior to the arrival to the airport, please ensure that your liquids are stored correctly in the transparent plastic bag.  

We recommend that you limit your items to the amount you may need during the flight.
Where possible, place liquids into your hold baggage.
Please note any liquids that do not comply with the security regulations will be rejected and may be confiscated by security. Corendon Airlines does not accept any liability.

We recommend that you check the customs practices of the country you will be travelling to before your travel via their government website.

Corendon Airlines does not accept any liability in case of non-compliance with the relevant customs rules / in case of improper goods transportation

Sports & medical equipment

You can take any medicines and medical equipment that you need to have with you (subject to size regulations).  Some medical devices need to be booked prior to travel therefore we ask if you are travelling with any medical devices that you contact our special assistance team prior to departure.


Please note we recommend you check any prescribed medication is allowed to be taken into the destination you are travelling.


Should you have any specific requests relating to your medication or medical equipment please visit: Additional Services

We advise all customers to carry any essential (or a small supply of) medication in their hand luggage in case of any issues that may occur with hold luggage.

Should you have any specific requests relating to your medication or medical equipment please visit:

All passengers are required to carry a doctor's certificate (dated within 1 month of travel) with them in order to carry any needles, medication requiring a prescription or similar medical products.

It is the passenger's responsibility to ensure that you follow all rules and customs regulations for the country you are departing and arriving to.  We cannot accept responsibility for any medication or equipment that cannot be permitted to be taken on board the aircraft due to safety and custom regulations.

Our passengers can carry tennis equipment as part of their checked-in baggage without the need for advance notice or a special approval. Where the baggage allowance is exceeded, our baggage rules shall apply.

"Yes, you can pay to take your golf equipment on our flights. A golf equipment set carried by the passenger only consists of items such as golf clubs, golf balls, a pair of golf shoes and a golf bag. Personal items are not allowed to be transported in the golf bag.

To make sure we have enough room for everyone's bags we limit the amount we carry to a maximum of 50 pieces per aircraft. You golf baggage should include only golf equipments such as golf For detailed information about golf equipment fees and limit, you can visit our Baggage Allowance page."

Golf bags up to 23 kg are transported for a fee of 30 Euros per item, per one-way flight. Each additional kilo will be charged (10 EUR/kg) as excess luggage at the airport. For detailed information about golf equipment fees and limit, you can visit our Baggage Allowance page.

Drones present a potential flight threat because of the amount of heat and energy.

ALL LIPO batteries must be carried on. Drone batteries must have their contacts wrapped and then put in a plastic bag and then be placed in a safety bag.

Drone batteries must be packed in carry-on baggage and they must be under 100 watt-hours.

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