We aim to make it as crystal clear as possible when you need more information on reservations. Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and their answers. 

Baggage operations


Corendon Airlines require a medical report that must be provided in English by your doctor or an official doctor at the airport should you have any illness or appear unwell.

Travel will not be permitted in the following cases:

  • Any Incapacitated passengers
  • Infants less than 8 days old
  • Women after the 36th week of pregnancy or 32nd week for multiple pregnancy

Those suffering from:

  • Angina or chest pain at rest
  • Any active infectious disease
  • Decompression sickness after diving increased pressure in the brain (due to bleeding, injury or infection)
  • Infection of the ears or sinuses
  • Recent heart attack (in the last 8 weeks)
  • Recent stroke (in the last 8 weeks)
  • Recent surgery or injury where trapped air or gas may be present in the body (for example abdominal injury, stomach or bowel surgery, injuries of the eyes or face, brain surgery or eye operations) (in the last 8 weeks)
  • Severe long-term diseases affecting your breathing
  • Breathlessness at rest
  • Unresolved pneumothorax (punctured lung)
  • Sickle cell anaemia
  • Any passenger who is in need of medical treatment and are connected to air or electrical devices that are not allowed to be taken on the aircraft.
  • Unstable mental health or psychotic illness
  • any passenger presenting intoxicated or under the influence of drugs

If passengers do not declare their illness before the flight, they shall be responsible for all risks that may occur.

Any passenger who is allocated or selects an emergency exit seat must have sufficient mobility, strength and dexterity in both arms, hands and legs to assist in an evacuation.

Passengers who are not willing to assist flight crew in the event of an evacuation should inform cabin crew or ground handling staff who will allocate alternative seats.

Seat rows around emergency exits are not given to the following people:

  • Passengers with limited mobility and mental problems as well as elderly and unwell passengers and those who have other disabilities
  • Physically or mentally handicapped passengers who cannot move quickly when needed
  • Passengers who have more than a minor issue with their eyes or ears which would affect their ability to understand the instructions given to initiate an emergency evacuation
  • Pregnant passengers
  • Children younger than 16 without a parent
  • Passengers traveling with infants and/or children under the age of 16
  • Passengers whose physical dimensions prevent movement quickly
  • Passengers in custody
  • Passengers with guide dogs or pets

If necessary, the Cabin Crew or ground staff may change the seats of passengers whose do not fit the requirements needed to sit in an emergency seat.

  1. Go to “My Profile” page.
  2. Click “Sign Up”.
  3. After you sign up a new account log in to your account.
  4. On your profile page click on “Retrieve Reservation”.
  5. Fill in your PNR and Surname info and find your ticket.
  6. Retrieve your reservation.
  7. Find your ticket on “My Reservations” page and complete your transaction.


Open Ticket: Please click here for more information about Open Ticket rules. 


You must carry a valid passport or internationally equivalent travel document.

According to the Civil Aviation rules, passengers who do not present to check in and the boarding gate with a valid passport that matches the information on the flight ticket or boarding pass are unable to travel.

Online reservation

Your payments on the Corendon Airlines website are made using highly secure SSL technology, via specially certified servers. The locked padlock icon in the lower right corner of your browser indicates that you are using a secure browser.

During the reservation process, your personal data is processed in accordance with international standards. When you visit our website, your web browser regularly encrypts your provider's IP address, the website you use for the visit, the date and duration of your visit. Corendon Airlines uses cookies to keep track of the visitor's preferences and to better prepare the website.

Purchasing a ticket online is safe and secure and allows you to take advantage of our special deals and reasonable prices.

A PNR code is an abbreviation of Passenger Name Record. It is more commonly known as a reservation number. It is given to you when you make an optional reservation and/or purchase a ticket. The PNR code consists of numbers and letters. With this number, you can print out your ticket and make changes and cancellation transactions.

The PNR code is the easiest way to access your flight information. To access your information, you need to know your PNR code or booking reference. The PNR code is sent to you via e-mail when you purchase your ticket via our website.

The flight fare is the price that you pay to travel on an airplane. At the time you book your ticket you will be informed about all taxes related to the fare and the price you pay overall will be a total of your fare and all taxes.

Please note that until you purchase the ticket and complete your transaction taxes or service fees can increase in price.

Couldn’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us
Couldn’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us