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Located at the heart of Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean, Gaziantep's dynamism goes back much earlier than today. Since it is located on the historical Silk Road, the city has been a representative of trade and economy in the region since its establishment. Gaziantep is a complete cultural mosaic and is protected by UNESCO as the World Gastronomy City. Let's explore the must-see places of this city together.

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Home to different, ancient cultures / at the crossroads of Anatolia - Mediterranean - Mesopotamia


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Summers are hot, arid, clear; winters are cold and cloudy

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Gaziantep has been established at a crossroads where many commercial roads intersect since ancient times. It is very close to Mesopotamia, Euphrates, and Tigris. In this sense, it is also in a good position strategically. Gaziantep, located at the crossing point of the Southeast Anatolian Region with the Mediterranean Region, is surrounded by Syria and Kilis in the south, Adıyaman in the northeast, Kahramanmaraş in the north, Osmaniye in the west, and Hatay in the southwest.

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Gaziantep City Life

City Life
Gaziantep City Life Bey Neighborhood
Gaziantep City Life Bey Neighborhood

Bey Neighborhood

The Bey Mahallesi tour, where you can encounter the most beautiful examples of local architecture, is also a must for an extended Gaziantep trip. The stone mansion-style buildings placed behind the high walls welcome you with their excellent craftsmanship and ancient look. The houses stretching along the neighborhood's narrow streets stay cool even on the hot summer days, thanks to their stone structure.

Gaziantep Culture

Gaziantep Culture Gaziantep Castle
Gaziantep Culture Gaziantep Castle

Gaziantep Castle

Gaziantep Castle has a history of six thousand years and watches the city in all its glory on a hill to the south of Allaben Creek. The castle has functioned as an observation point since the Roman period and gained its present appearance in Byzantine times.

Gaziantep Culture Gaziantep Coppersmiths Bazaar
Gaziantep Culture Gaziantep Coppersmiths Bazaar

Gaziantep Coppersmiths Bazaar

The construction date of the bazaar, where you can encounter the rarest and most striking examples of copper processing, is still being determined. However, when its architectural features are examined, experts believe it was built in the 1800s. Here, you can buy beautiful copper and get first-hand information about copper processing.

Gaziantep Culture Zeugma Mosaic Museum
Gaziantep Culture Zeugma Mosaic Museum

Zeugma Mosaic Museum

When visiting Gaziantep, try and start your touristic journey where you can get the most comprehensive information about the city's history. This museum, the largest museum in the world in its field until the Hatay Archeology Museum was opened, has been open to visitors since 2011. In addition to antiquity, artifacts from the Roman and Byzantine periods can also be displayed here. On the other hand, mosaics occupy a large part of the 3000-square-meter museum. The most striking work in the museum is the Gypsy Girl mosaic - don't leave until you've seen it.

Gaziantep Culture Zincirli Bedesten
Gaziantep Culture Zincirli Bedesten

Zincirli Bedesten

If you like to shop from places with a historical atmosphere in the city you visit or live in, we recommend you stop by the Zincirli Bedesten. Darendeli Hüseyin Pasha built this single-story building in the 1700s, and it currently holds a total of 73 shops. Nowadays, you can find spices, accessories, and souvenirs that you can take back home while strolling around.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gaziantep

Where can I stay in Gaziantep?

Gaziantep offers different alternatives for accommodation, both in terms of budget and the quality of the place you stay. You can spend the night in a standard and budget-friendly Gaziantep hotel, as well as a 5-star and luxury one. But the most beautiful thing about finding a place to stay in Gaziantep is that many historical buildings (inns, mansions, houses) in the city have been converted into boutique hotels. You can stop over in one of these mansions and experience waking up in a room with high ceilings, built-in wardrobes hidden in the walls, and filled with hand-carved furniture.

What about shopping; where can I find souvenirs and gifts in Gaziantep?

One of the best parts of Gaziantep holidays is definitely the souvenir shopping. The most preferred places for shopping in Gaziantep are the Touristic Gaziantep Bazaar, Bakırcılar Bazaar, and Zincirli Bedesten. Local art products such as handicrafts, coppersmiths, and rugs can be found in these locations.

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Gaziantep history

Gaziantep has a very old, deep-scaled history. It is one of the regions where settlement first started in Anatolia, even in the Chalcolithic and Paleolithic ages. It is known that the Hittites lived here in the 1500s BC. Afterward, it hosted deep-rooted cultures and civilizations such as Persians, Assyrians, Romans, and Byzantines. The city, which was included in the Ottoman lands, made a name for itself with its achievements during Turkey's War of Independence and thus, in 1921, was given the title "Gazi" (Veteran). Throughout its history, Gaziantep has offered a home to many different civilizations and religions and has managed to carry this history and culture as it is until today. Today, people of all cultures and beliefs live together in Gaziantep. Gaziantep is a city that has also recently attracted the attention of the world. In the excavations carried out throughout recent years, the ruins of the ancient city of Zeugma were unearthed. The town is approximately 10 kilometers away from the Nizip district of Gaziantep, right on the bank of the Euphrates River. These remains and mosaics unraveled during recent diggings are now exhibited in Zeugma Open Air Museum, the world's largest open-air and mosaic museum. 

Gaziantep cuisine

The culinary culture of Gaziantep is very rooted and rich, with kebabs and meat dishes especially famous. You can try various flavors of traditional Turkish kebabs, including eggplant kebab, garlic kebab, and kebab with ezme. You can take a break to enjoy a cup of coffee in one of the many beautiful tea gardens. Speaking of Antep dishes, some local dishes are recommended tourists try; the world-famous Gaziantep baklava, Arabic meatballs, beyti, börk aşı, küşneme, and simit kebab, to name a few. Baklava, küşleme, and beyran soup are some of the gourmet delicacies Gaziantep has to offer. In addition, do not leave this gastronomy heaving without tasting sweet katmer, stuffed dry eggplant, lamb liver kebab, and yuvalama soup (or, as the locals call it, cağırtlak). Aşina Gaziantep Mutfağı serves all of these wonderful dishes and more. The best baklava in the city is served at İmam Çağdaş and Koçak Baklavaları in Uzunçarşı. Üçler Kebap, Metanet Esnaf Lokantası, and Evirgeç Mantı are among the other renowned Gaziantep restaurants you should visit. For a relaxing and out-of-the-ordinary coffee break, visit Tahmis Coffee and experience the old texture of the building that has been preserved throughout its existence.

Gaziantep population

As per the last estimations, Gaziantep is home to 2,130,432 inhabitants, gaining the title of the sixth-most populous city in Turkey.

Gaziantep weather

Gaziantep has a Mediterranean and continental climate. The winters are very cold, and the summers are very hot. During seasonal transitions, the temperature difference between night and day increases noticeably. To catch the most ideal Gaziantep weather for a tourist visit, it said the best time to visit Gaziantep is April, May, September, and October.

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