Special conditions

We aim to make it as crystal clear as possible when you need more information on special conditions. Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and their answers. 

Baggage operations


You can add baggage to your reservation from additional services on our website. You can find the extra baggage prices here.

For our passengers with a verifiable degree of disability of 50% or more, we offer our Medical Assistance services free of charge.

All other services can be purchased at reasonable prices.

Additional services such as seat reservations, additional baggage and inflight meals can either be made during the booking process or purchased after booking via our website under the menu item Additional Services.

Additional services such as medical assistance (free of charge for passengers with a verifiable degree of disability of 50% or more or with a medical certificate), sports equipment, adding pets, additional baggage and inflight meals can be purchased during the booking process. 

The explanation for the abbreviations is available here.

Musical instruments larger than 25x117x38 cm in size are carried in the cargo section of the aircraft. The weight of these items is added to your standard baggage allowance. In case of exceeding the baggage allowance, the applicable baggage rules tariff will be applied. Musical instruments smaller than 25x117x38 cm and lighter than 8 kg can be carried as hand luggage. (such as viola, violin, flute, clarinet, trumpet or trumpet)

Customers are allowed to carry their TVs as checked baggage. However, since this is a fragile electronic device, the TV must be transported in a suitable packaging that can withstand the normal challenges of air transport.

Since it is in the status of fragile goods, the responsibility for a possible damage is the responsibility of the passenger and the operator is not responsible.

You can give TVs up to 32 kg (70 lb) in total weight and not exceeding 86 inches during check-in. The TV may be subject to heavy or large baggage charges depending on your baggage allowance.


Corendon Airlines only allows cats and dogs to be transported as pets. For detailed information, please see our related rules and regulations page.

The weight limit for the transportation of pets in the cabin section is 8 kgs along with the pet and it’s carrying box.

For detailed information, please see our related rules and regulations page.

In accordance with EU 576/2013 regulation on Corendon Airlines flights, pets must be at least 4 months old for flights within the borders of the European Union. Pets must be at least 7 months old on flights from third countries to European Union destinations. For detailed information, please see our related Rules and Regulations page.



Pregnant passengers can travel without a doctor’s report up to 36 weeks of pregnancy (for multiple pregnancies until 32 weeks of pregnancy). After 36 weeks of pregnancy (and for multiple pregnancies after 32 weeks) pregnant passengers are not allowed to fly with Corendon Airlines even if they have a health statement issued by a doctor. From the 24th week of pregnancy onwards, passengers are requested to fill in a health form at the counter during Check-in.

Based on the physical condition of the passenger, Corendon personnel are authorised to request a medical report regarding the pregnancy, or to refuse a pregnant passenger on board.

Note: Pregnant passengers are obligated to provide all information concerning their pregnancy at the Check-in desk.


This service is currently not available on our flights. Thank you for your understanding.

Children under 6 years of age may only fly if accompanied by an adult.

Children between 6 and 12 years of age may travel unaccompanied provided that:

They are accompanied to the airport of departure by a legally authorised adult. The accompanying adult shall hand the child’s travel documents required for departure and a form of indemnity (Discharge of Responsibility for unaccompanied minors under the age of 12) to the airline staff at the airport. At the airport of arrival, a legally authorised person designated by the parents or legal guardians will meet the child.

Unaccompanied minors shall remain in the care of the legally authorised adult until the flight has been called for boarding. A staff member shall accompany the minor to the aircraft and will entrust the child to the care of the cabin crew. The accompanying adult is requested to stay at the airport until the aircraft has taken off.

For an unaccompanied child younger than 12 years, a fee of €70 will be charged per one-way ticket.

Only two unaccompanied children younger than 12 can be accepted on one flight.

Passengers with reduced mobility/medical care

Corendon Airlines work hard to make sure that all our passengers have a comfortable and pleasant journey, whatever their needs.

If you have a disability of any kind, or your mobility is reduced and you need assistance we are here to help.  When you let us know why you need special assistance, we pass this information to the airports you are flying in and out of as airport assistance is provided locally. Departure and arrival services vary considerably depending on where you fly. These services are provided by the airport and not by us so it’s really important you check the airport’s website to see if they have facilities appropriate for your needs.

To ensure that you are given the best possible experience, we ask that you add your request at the time of booking on the passenger details and complete a Special Request Form https://www.corendonairlines.com/support-center/contact/special-request-form

If you booked with a travel agent or tour operator you can liaise directly with them to ensure we receive the correct information.

In order to ensure your journey runs smoothly we need all information to plan your journey in advance. If you do not provide 48 hours' notice, the required assistance may not be available and your travel plans may be disrupted.

In order for an airport to provide pre-booked special assistance, passengers should present themselves at the airport special assistance desk 2 hours before their flight departure time. If you would like to speak to us directly to discuss any assistance then please contact our call centre.

For those passengers who require a wheelchair the assistance provided will depend on the degree of disability therefore, its important you let us know the degree of assistance you will need using the Wheelchair codes below when completing your Special Request form:  https://www.corendonairlines.com/support-center/contact/special-request-form

WCHR: (Passenger with slightly reduced mobility) Needs help when boarding / landing to and from the airport building, can board the bus from the terminal building to the aircraft, needs no help on stairs, no help is required sit in the seat of the aircraft and is able to get up and use the toilet.

WCHS: Passenger with very limited mobility) Needs help when boarding / landing to and from the airport building, cannot get on the bus from the terminal building to the aircraft, needs help on stairs, no help is required to sit in the seat on the aircraft or getting up to use the toilet.

WCHC: (Completely immobile passenger) Can use a passenger seat with upright backrest, cannot make long journeys alone without his companion. For example, sitting / getting up from the seat of the aircraft, unable to use the toilet without assistance.

Corendon Airlines welcomes your own wheelchair on board.  In order to ensure the smooth transportation of your wheelchair we require you to complete a Special Request Form https://www.corendonairlines.com/support-center/contact/special-request-form

It's important to let us know the information as soon as possible however, should this not be possible then the information must reach us 48 hrs prior to your departure time.

Wheelchairs that are carried in the hold cannot be any larger than 114*86 cm and it is the passenger's responsibility to fold the wheelchair and detach any batteries or charges to be loaded onto the aircraft.

Should your wheelchair be battery operated the full details of the battery must be given to Corendon Airlines in advance by emailing: servicecenter@corendon-airlines.com and we will confirm that your wheelchair is suitable for carriage.

Wheelchairs with non-spillable and dry batteries or non-spillable wet batteries can be transported in the cargo compartment of the aircraft, provided that the battery is disconnected, securely attached to the wheelchair and its poles are insulated.

If the wheelchair cannot be loaded upright, stacked, secured and emptied, the battery must be removed and taken to the luggage compartment separately. For transport, the battery must be placed in a plastic bowl or container, thereby preventing contamination and wear of the cargo compartment.

Scoot Mobile style wheelchairs can be carried free of charge depending in whether you can produce a doctor's report which should be dated no later than one month before travel.  Should a doctor's note not be provided a fee of 100€ will apply.

Due to flight safety, the loading of extra oxygen cylinders cannot be provided on our aircraft. However, our passengers can travel with their own portable oxygen concentrators with a valid medical report.

Seat selection

Yes, you can purchase an extra seat (double seat) for your comfort. This can be completed through our additional services section whilst you purchase your ticket on our website.

Please note that this seat will not allow you to take extra hand baggage due to safety restrictions.

You can find seat fee information determined for both online and airport reservations under the Baggage & Seat Prices on our "Baggage Allowance" page.

During online check-in, the system automatically assigns a seat for you without price and based on availability. In order to fly in the seat of your choice, you should choose "seat selection” after entering your PNR and surname and continue the online Check-In process. (If you have a Premium ticket, please don’t forget that your fare includes a free “seat selection”).


To reserve a paid seat selection, you can choose the one that suits you from the following methods:

  • At the "Services" step during reservation;
  • If you have already purchased your ticket, on the "Additional Services" page of our website;
  • You can select a paid seat during Online Check-in; starting 7 days before your flight. (Please click here for a list of airports with online check-in available)


Please note that if the aircraft has not been assigned to your flight yet, the system will not allow you to select a paid seat.

During online check-in, the system automatically assigns a free seat for you. If you wish, you can complete your check-in process with the automatically assigned seat without charge. If your ticket type includes free seat selection (Premium), you can take advantage of this.

If you change your reservation, the seat purchased for this flight will be cancelled and non refundable.

The seat you have purchased cannot be changed/cancelled or refunded.

If you cancel your reservation voluntarily, the seat you purchased will not be refunded.

Pregnant, infant and passengers with reduced mobility are only able to sit by the window, except for the emergency exit seats.

During online check-in, the system automatically assigns a seat for you without price and based on availability. In order to fly in the seat of your choice, you should choose "seat selection” and continue the online check-In process. (If you have a Premium ticket, please don’t forget that your fare includes a free “seat selection”).

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Couldn’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us