Flights to Nuremberg

Nuremberg with its half wooden houses, gothic architecture and gingerbreads is one of Germany’s modest, but at the same time friendly destinations. With a Corendon Airlines Nuremberg flight ticket you quickly arrive on Nuremberg Albrecht Dürer Airport NUE to discover this friendly city. In this mini-guide you will read information about Nuremberg direct flights and accommodation options in this city. Have a good flight!



Flights to Nuremberg for a price starting from €39.99

  • Antalya Airport (AYT)Nuremberg Airport (NUE)
    Departure Date 13.01.2021

    from €39.99
  • Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI)Nuremberg Airport (NUE)
    Departure Date 10.09.2020

    from €55.99
  • Kazantzakis International Airport (HER)Nuremberg Airport (NUE)
    Departure Date 12.08.2020

    from €45.99
  • Hurghada International Airport (HRG)Nuremberg Airport (NUE)
    Departure Date 12.01.2021

    from €85.99
  • Gran Canaria Airport (LPA)Nuremberg Airport (NUE)
    Departure Date 16.01.2021

    from €39.99
  • Fuerteventura Airport (FUE)Nuremberg Airport (NUE)
    Departure Date 16.01.2021

    from €39.99
  • Rhodes International Airport (RHO)Nuremberg Airport (NUE)
    Departure Date 14.08.2020

    from €45.99
  • Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Int'l Airport (TLV)Nuremberg Airport (NUE)
    Departure Date 11.01.2021

    from €39.99
  • Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport (ADB)Nuremberg Airport (NUE)
    Departure Date 03.12.2020

    from €56.99
  • Tenerife South Airport (TFS)Nuremberg Airport (NUE)
    Departure Date 14.01.2021

    from €39.99
  • Kos International Airport (KGS)Nuremberg Airport (NUE)
    Departure Date 12.05.2021

    from €75.99
  • Airport Ibiza (IBZ)Nuremberg Airport (NUE)
    Departure Date 12.05.2021

    from €75.99


Nuremberg Flights

At the time of the Holy Roman Empire, Nuremberg was considered as the unofficial capital. It is a modest and calm city in Germany, but it has a long and deeprooted history. This city, from where Corendon Airlines operates flights to Turkey destinations and to Greece destinations, stands out for its specific architecture. In the streets are half wooden buildings, housing cafe’s and restaurants and that is the reason why history loving tourists prefer Nuremberg. There are many buildings dating back to the Holy Roman Empire, such as Kaiserburg castle built in the 13th century. The easiest way to explore Nuremberg’s architecture is a trip to Weinstadel through streets paved with cobblestones an along historic half wooden buildings. Nuremberg is a pre-eminent destination to snuffle the medieval atmosphere. Corendon, the Airlines where holiday fun starts on board, operates regular flights from Nuremberg to Turkey holiday destinations and to Greece holiday destinations.
Nuremberg summer holiday hint: If you do not know what to buy as a souvenir on your Nuremberg travel, then you could try the world famous Nuremberg mustard. There are different kinds of mustard and each has a different taste and they are the speciality of Nuremberg.

Find cheap Nuremberg flight tickets

On the Corendon Airlines internet site the whole year through there are Nuremberg flight tickets for sale for advantageous prices. As airline with a long expertise in the field of holidays, Corendon Airlines gives you the opportunity to discover the federal state of Bavaria with sharp priced Nuremberg ticket deals. Starting in the holiday season and throughout the whole year there are cheap Nuremberg flight tickets for sale on Corendon Airlines internet site, so that you can see historic and architectural sites in Nuremberg, such as St. Lorenz Kirche, the Germanisches Nationalmuseum and the Weissgerbergasse street. Also last minute Nuremberg flight tickets, although in general a bit higher than the adverage price, are available and still sharp priced on the internet site and can be booked at the last moment. Complemented with travel-extra’s such as meal on board, seat choice and extra baggage right a Nuremberg flight with Corendon Airlines becomes a very comfortable flight.

Nuremberg Airport and Transportation

Nuremberg Airport NUE, is also called Albrecht Dürer airport, named after the famous German painter. In 2017 more than 4 million passengers used Nuremberg Albrecht Dürer airport NUE, the tenth biggest airport in Germany. From Nuremberg airport in Germany, Corendon Airlines operates flights to holiday destinations in Turkey and Greece. The terminal building on Nuremberg Albrecht Dürer airport has one arrival hall and two departure halls with 40 check-in counters. This airport with a year capacity of 5 million travellers was designed by the Nuremberg architects Grabow and Hoffmann, who prefered to apply natural light in the terminal building, to which a new extension was added in 2007. The airport offers fitted transportation facilities to the disabled and duty free shops to tourists.

Nuremberg airport transportation

Transportation from Nuremberg Albrecht Dürer airport NUE to the city center is quick and easy. With a just 12 minutes drive, U2 metro connects the airport with Nuremberg’s citycenter. Besides metro transportation there are also busses driving between the airport and Nuremberg city center. The busses are located in front of the terminal building on the departure floor.
Another transportation option on Nuremberg airport is the taxi. A taxidrive from the airport to the city center takes about 15 to 20 minutes. On Nuremberg airport car rent is available from different car rent companies with offices on the airport, where you can hire any desired car model for any available budget, luxury limousines included.
Nuremberg airport hint: Wifi connection is free of charge on Nuremberg airport.

Nuremberg direct flights

With Nuremberg direct flights Corendon Airlines offers you the opportunity to visit the federal state of Bavaria in a quick and economic way. The Nuremberg direct flights operated by Corendon Airlines all year long are:


One of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey is Antalya, inviting you for an unforgettable summer holiday. The warm climate, beautiful sea and long sandy beaches of Antalya are the ingredients of this Turkish holiday paradise. During the holiday season and the rest of the year there are regular flights between Nuremberg and Antalya, which possesses an important historic heritage. You can fly to Antalya, the most favourite holiday destination in Turkey, with from Germany departing Nuremberg direct flights.


In the middle of the Mediterranean Sea is the island of Crete with its mild climate, sandy beaches and historic cultural heritage dating back to ancient times. Corendon Airlines Nuremberg Crete flights will take you to this beautiful island. Nuremberg Heraklion flights are part of the Greece flights operated by Corendon Airlines. On Crete, home of writer Nikos Kazantsakis, you can experience an unforgettable holiday and a from Germany Nuremberg departing flights can take you there.

Nuremberg Suggestions

Nuremberg offers tourists who visit this town foremost a holiday full of history thanks to its century’s long past. The city culture in Nuremberg has witnessed through the centuries many historic events, that have left this city with a rich historic heritage. So do not forget to include the city’s historic heritage in your Nuremberg holiday programme. The most popular sites to visit are the Kaiserburg, the old city wall and Burgviertel, which should not miss in your holiday programme. Other buildings with architecture from the 15th century that should be included and visited along a walk in the city center are St. Sebaldus Kirche and St. Lorenz Kirche. Together with a guide you can visit the Felsengange, a 20 thousand square meter network of underground corridors, an unforgettable experience. An interesting place to visit just outside the city center is the St. Johannis district of Nuremberg, where many important historic figures are burried in the graveyard and where you can see the Hesperidengarten, a famous baroque garden as well as the St. Johannis Kirche.
In the Germanisches Nationalmuseum in Nuremberg there is a large exhibition of important cultural and historic artworks collected from German speaking countries. In the Verkehrsmuseum you can see how transportation by railway has grown and developed since 1835 in Germany. And also a visit to courtroom 600 in the Nuremberg Tribunal building has be included in your programme.
Nuremberg food culture can be discovered by tasting the speciality of this city the Nuremberg Rostbratwurst. The production and sale of this 9 cm long and 25 gr weighing sausage is bound to strict rules. Daily 3 million sausages are produced and the combination with Nuremberg mustard is good. Worldwide pretzel named cookie is called here the Nuremberg bretzel. At Bretzen Kolb market the best Nuremberg bretzels, a speciality of this city, are for sale.

Nuremberg climate

The best time of the year for a holiday in Nuremberg are the spring months from March to May. In this time of the year nature sparkles in all its colours and there is little cloudiness. To enjoy the streets and parks of Nuremberg fully this period of the year is the best for a touristic visit to Nuremberg.
Nuremberg fact to know: The first map of stars and celestial objects was published by the Nuremberg painter Albrecht Dürer in 1515.

Nuremberg accommodation

If you are looking for Nuremberg hotel and ticket deals then it is wise to include in your hotel choice the activities that you intend to do. When you check accommoation deals in Nuremberg a hotel close to historic and cultural sightseeing spots can be an advantage. The first choice of many tourists is Altstadt, the innercity of Nuremberg. From here you can walk along important historic buildings and experience the historic atmosphere of the city. For every kind of holiday and for every budget Nuremberg can offer convenient accommodation. From a five star hotel with inside swimmingpool and massage to simple hostels with overnight accommodation for single travelling backpackers, Nuremberg has an enormous choice in hotel accommodation.


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