Corendon Airlines Increases Its Capacity For The German Market Again!

Corendon Airlines has announced to increase the capacity for the 2018 season on account of the high demand in the German market.
Earlier on the summer season Corendon Airlines had announced the planned capacity as 750.000 seats for flights from Germany to Antalya, Crete and Hurghada, which meant an increase of 50% compared to the preceeding season, due to an increase in the interest of the German market for Turkey. For the school holiday period, falls between July-August 2018, Corendon Airlines is planning an extra of 20.000 seats again for flights from Germany to Antalya.
Mine Aslan, Corendon Airlines Commercial Manager, announced that the most important reason for this capacity-increase was the availability of hotel beds in the Antalya region. Aslan mentioned that the hotels in Antalya that are situated from Mahmutlar to Demre, fulfill the needs and meet the demands of the guests with a good price-quality performance and sufficient bed capacity and for this reason Corendon is pleased to support Turkish tourism with airline transportation by increasing the destinations and seat capacity.
In the beginning of the season, Corendon Airlines has begun to operate flights from 12 different airports in Germany to Antalya 40 times in a week and with the addition of new airports and flights this number was currently increased to 50. Through the regular capacity-increase, Corendon Airlines has strengthened its position in the German market while targeting to empower the contunity of the planned destinations and sustaining good relations with the tour operators by meeting their demands and ensuring customer satisfaction.
Schedule of Germany – Antalya flights during 2018 summer season:
Every Monday: Erfurt, Nürnberg, Paderborn, Dresden, Hannover,
Every Tuesday: Berlin-TXL, Düsseldorf, Hannover, Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden, Hamburg, Nürnberg
Every Wednesday: Leipzig, Hannover, Stuttgart, Nürnberg
Every Thursday: Dresden, Erfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Paderborn, Nürnberg
Every Friday: Leipzig, Hannover, Paderborn, Düsseldorf, Berlin-TXL, Nürnberg
Every Saturday: Dresden, Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden, Leipzig, Nürnberg, Paderborn, Hannover
Every Sunday: Berlin-TXL, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Nürnberg, Stuttgart, Hannover
Extra flights:
Every Monday: Memmingen
Every Wednesday: Friedrichshafen
Every Thursday: Memmingen
Every Friday: Friedrichshafen ve Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden
The Sixth Year in Germany!
Corendon Airlines has begun to focus on the German market in 2013 and was grown consistently. Currently has a strong position in the German market which has many competitors in, through the investments in customer satisfaction, regular capacity increases and variety of destinations. Corendon Airlines, that strengthens its relations with the biggest touroperators and agencies of Germany each year, operates with the full charter, split charter and web-direct business models in Germany.
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